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Physical and chemical properties
1. The appearance of this product is yellowish or yellow transparent liquid with special compound odor. It can be completely dissolved in various polyurethane composite materials such as polyester and polyether.
2. Properties: This product is a special polyurethane catalyst. It has no irritating odor, is not flammable, and is not explosive, but it should not be imported. It should not be in contact with damaged skin. It has anti-mold effect. Does not contain any solvents, is not sensitive to moisture, its toxicity is less than phenylmercury acetate and organic mercury, and easy to use. Compared with organic mercury and phenylmercury acetate, it has better selectivity to NCO-OH groups, and also has a good catalytic effect on NCO-NH2. The product has better mechanical properties, shorter induction time, and gradually increased viscosity.
Application scope
As a room temperature catalyst in polyurethane materials, it is often used in polyurethane transparent adhesives, elastomers, structural adhesives, electronic potting adhesives, plastic runways and waterproof coatings. This product is also suitable for systems such as polyurethane leather slurry, polyurethane foam, polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane sole stock and other systems produced by the semi-prepolymer method. This product is an ideal substitute for phenylmercury acetate and organic mercury.
Suggestions for use:
The general method used in this catalyst is to add P material components (such as MOCA and other amine-soluble components in polyol), and then vacuum degassing for 0.5-1h, and I material components (such as TDI and polyol synthesis Polymer) and mix it into the mold cavity. Generally, the mold can be released in 5-30 minutes.
Adding amount: 0.05 ---- 0.5% of total PU
Packaging and storage
Specifications are 25Kg / barrel, 200Kg / barrel.
Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sources of fire and sunlight, and do not get close to strong acids and alkalis. The warranty period is 12 months (unopened). Please note that it must be kept tightly closed.


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