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Our company provides free sample service, users can apply for raw material samples through website, phone or WeChat.

What to fill in when applying through the website: company name, contact person, contact phone number and address, this form or login to the quick browse page of your product application, click on the "sample application" link, print the filled form and send it back to our company for review / or The electronic file provides free sample application to relevant personnel of our company.
1. Nantong Haotai Products & Chemicals Co.,Ltd. provides free samples for your convenience to evaluate and test its performance. As a condition of obtaining free samples, you agree and accept that these samples are used only for performance testing and not for resale or resale.
2. Other expenses incurred outside the sample shall be paid by the applicant
3. Sample delivery time is 1-3 working days
4. The number and frequency of the applicant's samples must be within the range specified by our company
5.Direct customers only
6. The company has the final decision​


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