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Product introduction
The appearance of this product is a yellowish transparent liquid with a special compound odor. It can be completely dissolved in various polyurethane composite materials such as polyester and polyether.
This product contains no solvents, does not contain seventeen heavy metals, phthalates, azo and other toxic ingredients. It is a non-toxic chemical. The polyurethane material synthesized using this product can be used in human and food contact situations and can pass the United States And the EU's most stringent environmental regulations. It is an ideal substitute for eliminating traditional organic mercury and lead catalysts.
This product is developed for two-component casting polyurethane elastomer (non-foaming system). Its unique foam suppression function can maximize the shielding of the trace moisture contained in the polyurethane raw material, and can completely avoid the product even in wet and rainy weather. The phenomenon of blistering and cracking appears very similar to organic mercury.
The unique catalytic function of this product has a very long operating time to ensure that the combined material maintains the original low viscosity and good fluidity before being evenly stirred. This is very important to reduce the bubbles generated by mixing and quickly fill the mold cavity; and this product The super strong catalytic effect can make the polyurethane composition reach the required strength in just 10 minutes (or even shorter) after the mixing is completed, even without subsequent heating and vulcanization. It is a typical low energy consumption and high efficiency, which is higher than traditional high temperature melting The MOCA process saves 30% -35% of the cost! It is the best substitute for highly toxic organic mercury catalysts.
T1001 polyurethane elastomer catalyst, after practical test, can be widely used in TDI, MDI, HDI, IPDI and other aromatic or aliphatic isocyanate systems, it is recommended to use amines such as MOCA as curing agent and MDI system using alcohols as curing agent Various polyurethane elastomer combinations have faster catalytic effect than CAT-XL202.
This product can be widely used in various products in the field of polyurethane elastomers, such as single.PU runway elastomers, two-component sealants, adhesives, coatings, casters, etc., special effects catalysts specified for polyurethane GEL gels. It is used for aliphatic isocyanamide and does not make the product yellow. Both can greatly shorten the molding and leg mold time, and the low vulcanization temperature greatly reduces the production energy consumption, improves the formulation flexibility, and improves the mechanical properties of the final product.
This product is used in closed polyurethane coatings, which can greatly reduce the deblocking stability of isocyanamide (from 150-120 ° C to 80 ° C) and complete the deblocking without other harmful side reactions, and it can increase the adhesion. Focus on greatly reducing energy consumption and using range of closed polyurethane.
Instructions for use
When using this product, add the polyol B component (non-isocyanate component). It is recommended to add it after vacuum degassing and before sealing. Do not add the isocyanate A component to prevent gelling.
The amount used is related to the product system and hardness, and the general amount is 0.1-0.5% of the weight of B material. After normal use, pay attention to the tank mouth must be closed immediately to avoid placing it open.
Packaging and storage
Specifications are 25Kg / barrel, 200Kg / barrel.
Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sources of fire and sunlight, and do not get close to strong acids and alkalis. The warranty period is 12 months (unopened). Please note that it must be kept tightly closed.
The technical information introduced in the company's materials is for reference only, but because the user's specific use of the product is not under our actual control, the user is required to perform the necessary experiments to determine the specific applicability The consequences after the product is added without any technical guarantee or commitment are hereby declared.


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