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CAT-CK65 is specially developed for MDI system using alcohol-based chain extender for curing. It is a non-foam two-component polyurethane elastomer (non-foaming system) that is not sensitive to moisture. It is different from commonly used amine-tin catalysts. The water function can effectively shield the reaction between the trace amount of water contained in the polyurethane raw material and the isocyanate, and avoid the resulting CO2 bubbles (polyether polyols can be used without high-temperature vacuum dehydration), which can effectively prevent the product from foaming, cracking, and bulging. , Peeling and other phenomena.
CAT-CK65 is similar to the organic mercury catalyst in MDI system polyurethane elastomer. It has a mild reactivity at room temperature, provides excellent fluidity, prolongs the operation time, and the material flow period is up to 3-10 minutes. Operation; but the temperature rises above 65 ℃, the reaction activity increases rapidly, the surface of the rubber surface is dry and not sticky in 5-15 minutes, it can be quickly demoulded, and it can be cured at room temperature. It is an ideal substitute for organic mercury catalysts restricted and banned by environmental regulations. It is recommended to be used in PU combination materials such as PU upper rubber, luggage gloves, jewelry, high hardness materials, etc., and has the following significant features:
1) Reduce the demanding production process requirements and production difficulty of the MDI system alcohol chain extension curing to produce elastomer products, and make the production process very stable.
2) It can effectively avoid the bad phenomenon caused by water absorption of raw materials, such as foaming and cracking.
3) Can significantly improve the surface scratch resistance of MDI system elastomer products, improve surface gloss, and especially improve the surface stain resistance of black elastomers.
4) It has a long operating time, but the molding time is very short. Generally, it can be demolded at 5-15MIN and then cured for 30-120 minutes to achieve the final strength, and even at room temperature, it can reach the expected strength.
5) Perfectly replace organic mercury catalyst, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can pass the most stringent environmental regulations in the world.
This product is only recommended for MDI system composition using alcohol such as BDO as curing agent. It is not recommended to be used for the composition of isocyanate system such as TDI and amine as curing agent.
Recommended application and storage
Adding amount depends on the situation, the recommended amount is 0.05-0.3% of the total PU amount
Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sources of fire and sunlight, and do not get close to strong acids and alkalis. The quality guarantee period is 1 year (unopened). Please note that it must be kept tightly closed.
Specifications: 25kg / barrel, 200kg / barrel.
The technical information introduced in the company's materials is for reference only, but because the user's specific use of the product is not under our actual control, the user is required to perform the necessary experiments to determine the specific applicability The consequences after the product is added without any technical guarantee or commitment are hereby declared.


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