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Features and uses
CAT-TD301 is developed for products that require non-foam polyurethane elastomers. It is completely different from commonly used amine tin catalysts. It has its own foam suppression function and can partially shield the trace moisture contained in polyurethane raw materials. (Polyether polyols do not require high-temperature vacuum dehydration. Ready to use) to avoid foaming, cracking, bulging, peeling, etc. of the product.
Compared with CAT-XL2O1 and CAT-XL202, this product has a longer operating time, ensuring that the original low viscosity and good fluidity are maintained before uniform mixing, which is conducive to reducing the bubbles generated by mixing and filling the cavity quickly; it has super strong catalysis The effect can make the polyurethane achieve the strength required for demolding in just 10 minutes (or even shorter) after the mixing is completed, and even does not require subsequent heating and vulcanization, saving a lot of energy consumption.
Application range
CAT-TD301 is very suitable for the combination of DETDA (E-100, E-300) as the curing agent, and the combination of alcohols as the curing agent in the MDI system. It should be noted that CAT-TD301 is not suitable for MOCA as a curing agent combination, please choose carefully. Based on MOCA as the curing agent system, please use our other catalyst products CAT-T1001, CAT-XL201, CAT-XL202, etc. CAT-TD301 can not be mixed with other catalysts, it will cause discoloration and failure.
This product is recommended for the production of transparent skate wheels. It can also be used for one-component and two-component sealants, shoe materials, leather, coating adhesives, plywood sticks, etc.
Use recommendations
When using this product, it is recommended to add the polyol B component (non-isocyanate component). It is best to add it after vacuum degassing before sealing, and stir well.
The general dosage is 0.05-0.5% of the weight of the B component. Because of different environmental requirements for different product uses, it is recommended that users use the relevant standards for experimental testing.
Packaging and storage
The specifications are 25kg / barrel and 200kg / barrel.
Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sources of fire and sunlight, and do not get close to strong acids and alkalis. The quality guarantee period is 1 year (unopened). Please note that it must be kept tightly closed.
The technical information introduced in the company's materials is for reference only, but because the user's specific use of the product is not under our actual control, the user is required to perform the necessary experiments to determine the specific applicability The consequences after the product is added without any technical guarantee or commitment are hereby declared.


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