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Slightly yellow or colorless liquid with no special odor. Slightly volatile in the air exposed to normal temperature, and slightly absorb the moisture in the air. Soluble in toluene, acetone, dichloromethane, dimethylformamide and other solvents, and can be well miscible with polyether polyols and plasticizers.
Features and uses:
This product is mainly used in the semi-prepolymer method of two-liquid casting polyurethane elastomer system as a special catalyst. Can strongly catalyze and coordinate the reaction between -NCO and -OH and -NH2 groups, can achieve rapid demoulding, room temperature vulcanization of polyurethane, and achieve the purpose of saving costs and improving efficiency; the prominent feature of this catalyst is the trace moisture in the raw material It is insensitive and meets the requirements of no bubbles and cracks in the product. This is a performance that traditional tin and amine catalysts do not have; low toxicity and low viscosity, and it is an ideal substitute for traditional organic mercury highly toxic catalysts.
CAT-XL202 catalyst can be widely used in cast polyurethane elastomers, such as skates, casters, seals, etc. The appearance of this product is nearly colorless and transparent, eliminating the original pungent odor. This product will not color the finished polyurethane. It is especially recommended for the production of colorless and transparent inline skates wheels and PU crystal balls.
Recommendations for use:
The general method used in this catalyst is to add the B component (such as MOCA and other amine-soluble components in the polyol), and then vacuum degassing for 0.5-1h to synthesize with the A component (such as the prepolymer synthesized by TDI and polyol). ) After fully mixing, it is injected into the mold cavity, and the mold can be released in 5-30 minutes.
CAT-XL202 can be used for the reaction of various isocyanates with alcohols and amines, but the catalytic rate has a certain relationship with the molecular structure and activity of the specific isocyanate and the matching amine / alcohol.
The amount used depends on the situation, the recommended amount is 0.05-0.5% of component B
Packaging and storage
Specifications are 25Kg / barrel, 200Kg / barrel.
Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sources of fire and sunlight, and do not get close to strong acids and alkalis. The warranty period is 12 months (unopened). Please note that it must be kept tightly closed.
The company believes that the technical information introduced in the data is for reference only, but because the user's specific use of the product is not under our actual control, the user is required to perform the necessary experiments to determine the specific practicability. This product does not make any technical guarantee or assume any consequences. Hereby declare.


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