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Nantong Haotai Products&Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Office Address: 4/F , Bldg.3A, No.388, Yongxing Ave.,Gangzha Dist.,Nantong

Factory Address: Shandong Linyi Industrial Park

Sales Department

Telephone: +86-513-81063598

Foreign trade telephone: +86-513-86681995

Customer Service Department

Customer service/After sales: +86-513-81063598

Fax: +86-513-81063598


Contact: Manager Wang

Mobile: +86-18021381296

National Unified Consultation Hotline: 400-008-5002

Opening Bank: Nantong Qinzao Sub-branch of Agricultural Bank of China Limited

Company account number: 10-7 161 010 4001 5043


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