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Jiangsu 2016 Polyurethane Rigid Foam Technology Exchange-Nantong Haotai Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

2016-04-26 10:44

The polyurethane [hard foam] technical exchange meeting hosted by PU Juyi Hall Network has been successfully concluded. The meeting invited well-known polyurethane rigid foam actual combat experts and technical experts to guide and exchange. The participants included polyurethane rigid foam technicians and manufacturers of polyurethane composite materials, additives, machinery, etc. Nantong Haotai Chemical, as a professional manufacturer of PU polyurethane catalyst additives, was also lucky enough to participate. During the meeting, many allies and friends were established, and the publicity and exchange reached a consensus and promoted cooperation.

The PU polyurethane catalyst [February dibutyl tin silicate] produced by our company, numbered T-12, 101 and 102 polyurethane catalysts, is an important additive for synthetic resin and an accelerator for many chemical reactions. PU polyurethane rigid foam catalyst is mainly used in refrigerator insulation board, cold storage board, spray coating, plate, pipe, imitation wood formula, polyurethane combination material. Polyurethane catalysts shorten the reaction time of raw materials, improve production efficiency, selectively promote positive reactions and inhibit side reactions. It is used in the production of many polyurethane products. The catalyst is a commonly used additive, although the amount is small, but the effect is great.

Nantong Haotai chemical focused on organic tin catalyst research and development production and sales, because focus, so professional! Welcome to my company to visit the guidance!

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