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Application of organotin catalyst T-12-dibutyltin dilaurate promoter

2016-05-05 01:58

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Product detailed parameters:

With the rapid development of polyurethane industry, T-12 organotin catalyst has become an important part. The T-12 is mainly used in the field of polyurethane adhesives and spray coatings for drying and curing. Its function is to accelerate the oxidation, polymerization and drying of the product to achieve the purpose of quick drying and solidification. The traditional use of organic acid soap drier variety, some deep color, some high price, some toxic. As a new type of solvent, Haotai Chemical T-12 drying agent has rapid volatilization, high purity and high quality, which solves the above problems in practical product application.

For example, T-12 polyurethane catalyst accelerates curing in the process of coating application, and the drying effect is particularly obvious under low temperature conditions. The drying effect is particularly obvious under low temperature conditions.

Product appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

Drying performance (10 ℃, surface dry, h) ≤ 8h

Dosage and usage:

Template paint: this drier = 100:10-20

1. This product should be slowly added to the template paint under stirring, and should be stirred evenly to prevent local adhesion.

2. The template paint added to this product should be used up within 4 hours. When using, the dosage of template paint should be calculated and matched with use to prevent waste of leftover materials.

3. The measurement should be accurate, too much doping will affect the performance of the template paint.

4. This product should be sealed to prevent moisture infiltration.

Product application areas:

1. Application in polyurethane

T-12 is a catalyst with strong gel properties and can be used in polyurethane elastomers, adhesives, sealants, rigid foams, molded foams, RIM, etc.

Can be used with amine catalyst and high-speed production of high-density structural foam, spraying rigid foam, rigid foam sheet.

It is also a polyurethane coating drier.

2.PVC field

T-12 is also often used as a stabilizer and lubricant for PVC products.

3. Silicone rubber catalyst

T-12 can be used as a catalyst for silicone rubber,

4. Other industries

T-12 light and heat stabilizers for polyacyls and phenolic resins.

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