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Difference between T9 stannous octoate and T12 dibutyl tin dilaurate

2016-05-06 01:59

Key words: T9 stannous octoate, dibutyltin dilaurate, T9\T12 catalyst difference, organotin catalyst

Used as a catalyst for polyurethane synthesis and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Also used as epoxy resin catalyst type curing agent, in the curing of stannous octoate than dibutyl tin dilaurate catalytic activity, if the two compound use, the effect is better than the use of separate, can take into account the reaction speed and curing speed. Because the divalent tin compounds are easily oxidized and decomposed by oxygen and water vapor in the air, they must be sealed for nitrogen protection during storage to avoid high temperature and excessive humidity to prevent activity decline or failure.

T9 stannous octoate use: stannous octoate catalyst is polyurethane foam, especially the important catalyst in the production of polyurethane flexible foam. Especially in the production of polyurethane foam important catalyst.

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