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Stannous octoate

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CAS No.: 301-10-0 Molecular formula: Sn(C7H15COO)2

Tin catalyst

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Product Description

Product Name:stannous octoate三丁基氧化锡
CAS No:301-10-0
Molecular formula:Sn(C7H15COO)2
Molecular weight:405.1
Appearance:Light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity:≤ 380mPas (25 ℃)
Refractive index:1.492 (20 ℃)
Density:1.250g/cc (20 ℃)
Tin content:≥ 28.0wt %
Tin content:28.0±0.3wt%
Use:Stannous octoate catalyst is a polyurethane foam, especially polyurethaneAn important catalyst in the production of soft foam.



Avoid inhaling vapors and mist droplets during use. Avoid splashing into eyes, noContact with skin and clothing. No prolonged or repeated contact with the skin. Keep the container of the product sealed. Use the place to be well ventilated. Wash with water after contact with skin.
Packing:25kg/plastic drum



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