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MS glue special catalyst

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Model: HTMS2406 Similar brands at home and abroad: U-220

Silicone rubber catalyst

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Product Name:MS glue special catalyst三丁基氧化锡
Similar grades at home and abroad:U-220
Physical Properties 
Density:1.21-1.23(30 ℃)
Viscosity:10-50(mPa.s)(30 huh)
Melting point:15-30 ℃
Appearance:Yellow oily liquid
Tin content:27% -28%
Features:This product is a kind of high activity organic tin chelated by imported advanced technology. Its activity and catalytic speed are much higher than dibutyltin dilaurate. The curing speed is better than that of dibutyl tin acetate, which overcomes the disadvantage of large taste of dibutyl tin acetate and has good storage in the later period. For some special products with faster curing speed, it can be cured quickly, which is better for the later construction.
(Note: The product must not touch water)
Use:1. This product is suitable for two-component polyurethane cross-linked coatings for automobile paint, industrial paint and surface paint.
2. This product is used for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, especially suitable for one-component silicone rubber. The vulcanized products will not return to the original phenomenon when heated in the sealed state.
Storage:In a cool and dry warehouse, the lid should be closed in time after use to reduce contact with air.
Contact with skin and mucous membrane should be avoided. Rinse with plenty of water immediately after contamination.
Packing:25L steel plastic composite barrel



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