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Dioctyl tin dilaurate

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CAS No.: 3648-18-8 Molecular formula:(C8H16)2Sn(OOC11H23)2

Tin catalyst

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Product Description

Product Name:Dioctyl tin dilaurate二月桂酸二辛基锡
CAS No:3648-18-8   
Molecular formula:(C8H16)2Sn(OOC11H23)2
Molecular weight:743.76
Physical Properties 
Specific Gravity:1.01-1.03
Refractometry:1.47-1.474 n20/D (bed.)
Appearance:Light yellow transparent liquid
Tin content:15-16%
Water:≤ 1.0%
Features:It is an internationally recognized non-toxic organotin stabilizer with very good lubricity, weather resistance, transparency and compatibility.Sex, no sulfide pollution, no exudation, its lubricity is better in organic tin, and its thermal stability is lower in organic tin, with a preliminary color.

1. Used as a non-toxic stabilizer for PVC food packaging.

2. It is suitable for use with thiol-type organic tin or cadmium barium soap stabilizer, with synergistic effect.

3. Used for food, medicine packaging PVC soft film, hose processing.

4. As a lubricant for hard transparent food packaging materials, the amount is less than 1.5 parts by mass.

5. Used as medical silicone rubber catalyst.


In a cool and dry warehouse, the lid should be closed in time after use to reduce contact with air.

Contact with skin and mucous membrane should be avoided. Rinse with plenty of water immediately after contamination.

Packing:25KG/plastic barrel, 200KG/barrel



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